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Annual General Meeting
Meeting Date 13/09/2012 23:00:00
The AGM of the Board was held at St George's Park, Burton upon Trent, England on the weekend of 14-15 September 2012.  The FA were proud to host the meeting at their prestigious new centre and justifiably so as it is a magnificent venture in stunning surroundings.  Trevor Brooking led a guided tour on the Saturday morning.

Minutes of the SAFIB Annual General Meeting on Friday 14th September 2012
at Burton on Trent, commencing 14.30hrs

Delegates in attendance:
Mairead Collins (SAFIB Chairman)
Keith James (SAFIB Vice-Chairman)
Rod Houston (SAFIB Secretary/Treasurer)
Jim Boyce (FIFA/UEFA)

Adrian Bevington (The FA)
Brian Adshead (The FA)
Dave Edmunds (The FA)
Abigail Jacobs (The FA)
Laura Grassick (The FA)
John Read (ESFA)
Neil Pont (ESFA)
Dave Woollaston (ESFA)
Nigel Brown (ESFA)
Alex Harkins (FAIS/FAI)
Edwin Ferris (NISFA)
Robert Nesbit (NISFA)
Robert Ramsey (NISFA)
Martin Donaghy (NISFA)
John Watson (SSFA)
Alex McMenemy (SSFA)
David Gilchrist (SSFA)
Neil Mackintosh (SFA)
David Nickless (WSFA)
Cledwyn Ashford (WSFA)
Peter Lee (FAW Trust)
Mario Margreiter (Oesterreichischer FB, Austria)
Bob Browaeys (Koninklijke Belgische V.B, Belgium)
Ville Sairanen (Suomen Pallolitto, Finland)
Jean Claude Guintini (Federation Francaise de Football, France)
Matthias Eiles (DFB, Germany)
Martin O’Hanlon (SFAI)
Orit Raz (Israel FA).
Thomas Sporri (ASF-SFV, Switzerland)

Apologies for Absence were received from Tony Ambrose (New Zealand Secondary Schools FA), Jeroen Roest (Koninklijke Nederlandsche V.B, Holland), Mark Wotte (Scottish FA), Neil Ward (FAW Trust), Allen McKinstry (Past SAFIB Secretary / Treasurer), Walter Fricke (DFB, Germany), Edward Potok (PZPN – Polish FA), Lukasz Sojski (PZPN – Polish FA), David Vailing (Slovenski Futbalovy Svaz, Slovakia) & Joonas Vilkki (Suomen Pallolitto, Finland).

1. Welcome
In welcoming representatives to the meeting, Mairead Collins made particular mention of those attending for the first time as well as John Watson’s attendance for the last time after some 31 years during which he has made a substantial contribution to the work and deliberations of SAFIB. Mairead thanked Abbie Jacobs and Laura Grassick for their considerable work in making arrangements for the AGM and she went on to stress the importance of the meeting for the future of SAFIB before wishing all present an enjoyable weekend.

2. Minutes of 2011 AGM in Belfast (Previously circulated)
The minutes were reviewed and considered a true and accurate record of the 2011 AGM.

3. Minutes of Secretaries’ Meeting 2012 in Bratislava (Previously circulated)
The minutes were reviewed and considered a true and accurate record of the 2012 Secretaries’ Meeting.

4. Matters Arising

5. Correspondence

6. Secretary/Treasurer’s Report
Hon Secretary’s Report 2012
The Secretary, Rod Houston, reported that the previous year had been both busy and successful. The Board’s football events had again been successfully completed and he paid tribute to FAIS which had hosted both the Bob Docherty Cup and the British Isles Championship for the Allen McKinstry Cup, a considerable undertaking. He intimated that much time and consideration had gone in to considering the way ahead for SAFIB and drafting the Board’s revised constitution, which was due to be considered later in the meeting.

Rod went on to express his appreciation of the work done by many people towards making SAFIB events and meetings successful over the course of the year. He especially thanked Allen McKinstry and Bob Docherty for their invaluable and wise advice.

Treasurers Report 2012-13
Rod Houston presented the Treasurer’s Report and Income and Expenditure Accounts for 2011-2012. The report showed funds in hand at the year end of £13424.78. Rod explained that the year had contained some unusual transactions, including payments carried forward from 2010-11 and replacing the Centenary Shield. He reported that the fee from BSkyB for Centenary Shield coverage had been late in arriving, hence the relatively low level of funds in hand. The meeting accepted the accounts nem con on the motion of R Ramsey (NISFA), seconded by C Ashford (WSFA).

7. Revised Constitution
The meeting considered the previously circulated draft revised constitution clause by clause. Following a complex and lengthy discussion, especially with regard to the sections defining membership and constituting the Executive Committee, the revised constitution was adopted unanimously and forms an Appendix to this minute.

8. Election of Office Bearers & Executive Committee
Mairead Collins brought her term in the chair to a close by expressing the view that it had been a privilege to be Chairman before reflecting on her memories of the year, not least being the fellowship and friendship of all those connected with SAFIB.

The meeting then proceeded to elect, unanimously, Keith James (WSFA) as the new Chairman. Keith responded by thanking the meeting for the honour of becoming SAFIB Chairman, by thanking Mairead for her conduct of the Chair during the preceding year, by reflecting on his involvement in SAFIB and his commitment to the traditions of SAFIB and by saying how much he was looking forward to enjoying his term of office.

SAFIB Vice Chairman
The meeting was informed that this year’s nomination was in the gift of ESFA and they had nominated Nigel Brown for the office of Vice-Chairman. Representatives approved the nomination nem con.

Rod Houston was unanimously re-elected.

Assistant Secretary
Dave Woollaston was unanimously elected on the motion of John Read (ESFA), seconded by Alex Harkins (FAIS)

Executive Committee
The following were elected:
• Mairead Collins (FAIS), nominated by A Harkins, seconded by M Donaghy
• Alex McMenemy (SSFA), nominated by JC Watson, seconded by D Nickless
• Robert Nesbitt (NISFA), nominated by R Ramsey, seconded by C Ashford
• Matthias Eiles (DFB), nominated by M Collins, seconded by D Woollaston
• Thomas Sporri (ASF-SFV), nominated by A Harkins, seconded by A McMenemy
• M Van Geersom (KBVB), nominated by B Browaeys, seconded by E Ferris

In the event of one of the latter three nominees being unable to accept, M Margreiter (OFB) was nominated as alternate, proposed by Matthias Eiles, seconded by Thomas Sporri.

9. Determination of Future Business
The meeting held a brief discussion on this matter, following adoption of the revised constitution and agreed to remit the matter to the Executive Committee for recommendations to the January meeting in Helsinki.

10. Donations
The meeting accepted Eddie Ferris’s proposal, seconded by Neil Pont, that the recommended level of donations remains unchanged and that the Executive Committee consider future levels in view of the revised constitution.

11. Arrangements for Season 2012-13
Sky Sports Victory Shield 2012-13
The following arrangements were confirmed for 2012-13– all Kick-offs at 19.35
Thursday 27th September – N Ireland v England – Stangmore Pk, Dungannon
Friday 5th October - Scotland v Wales – Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Friday 26th October - Scotland v N Ireland – Palmerston Park, Dumfries
Thursday 1st November - Wales v England – Port Talbot Town FC
Friday 23rd November - N Ireland v Wales - Ballymena
Thursday 29th November - England v Scotland – Burton Albion

The meeting was reminded of the terms of the protocol when there are weather-related risks of fixture postponement, viz.
- If there is a significant risk of a fixture being postponed because of inclement weather, then the host association shall organise a pitch inspection by a suitably qualified referee prior to the visiting team’s scheduled departure from home. In the event that the pitch inspection concludes that there is a significant doubt about the playability of the match venue on the planned match date, the matter shall be referred to SAFIB’s Office Bearers. The Office Bearers will decide, after consulting weather forecasts, whether or not to postpone the fixture at that point in time. Once a visiting team has arrived in the host country, postponement is entirely a matter for match officials.

Centenary Shield 2012-13
The following planned schedule of games was reported to the meeting:
Friday 22nd February NISFA v SSFA at Dungannon
Friday 1st March ESFA v WSFA at Lincoln City FC
Friday 8th March ESFA v NISFA at Plymouth Argyle FC
Friday 15th March WSFA v SSFA at Bangor
Friday 15th March NISFA v FAIS at Institute, Drumahoe
Thursday 28th March SSFA v FAIS at Fraserburgh
Friday 5th April FAIS v WSFA in Dublin
Thu/Fri 11th/ 12th April SSFA v ESFA at McDiarmid Park, Perth*
Thu/Fri 18th/19th April WSFA v NISFA at Llanelli*
Thu/Fri 25th/26th April FAIS v ESFA at Cork*

* being televised on Sky Sports, all Kick-offs 19.35

The meeting noted that kick-offs, other than televised matches would be 19.00.

Other tournaments
U15 Girls Tournament Bob Docherty Cup
This event is due to be hosted by N Ireland and the IFA is the principal host association. NISFA representatives undertook to ensure that IFA was aware that the event will take place during the week beginning 1st April 2013.

Inter-Schools Football – British Isles U14 Schools Championship for the Allen McKinstry Cup
The SSFA intimated that it is pleased to host this event, which will take place in the Glasgow area on 24th-26th May 2013. The SSFA invited European Associations to nominate a champion school to bring the event its sixth team. Any interested Association was asked to intimate interest by 31st December 2012.

Other friendly fixtures
Members were asked to notify the Secretary of fixtures and results. The Secretary informed the meeting that he had received an e-mail from the New Zealand Secondary Schools FA indicating a wish to tour the British Isles in April-May 2013, along with proposed fixture dates. The meeting decided that this should be dealt with by a meeting of Centenary Shield Associations immediately after the AGM.

12. SAFIB Meeting January 2013
Ville Sairanen was pleased to reaffirm the Suomen Pallolitto invitation to SAFIB Colleagues to meet in Finland on 18191 January 2013. Ville informed the meeting that he and Joonas Vilkki would be making the arrangements and that the meeting would probably take place at the National Football Centre in Eerrikkila. Rod Houston advised the meeting that hosts for this meeting only covered the accommodation costs for one delegate per Association and that the December deadline for indicating attendance is very important.

13. SAFIB AGM 2013
The SSFA and SFA confirmed preparedness to host the 2013 AGM, probably in the Glasgow area, The meeting would probably on 13-14 September 2013.

14. UEFA Report – Jim Boyce
Jim opened his remarks by expressing his appreciation of the invitation and his pleasure at being able to attend the meeting. He went on to reflect on a busy year for UEFA in which all youth tournaments had been successfully completed and that UEFA’s policy of holding finals in arrange of countries was proving successful in fostering the game across the continent. He informed the meeting that he is to be Chairman of the World U20 Finals in Turkey during 2013 and that will demand much time and attention.

Jim concluded by expressing his continued support for the work of SAFIB and by complementing the meeting’s hosts on the quality of facilities at St George’s Park.

15. AOCB
There were two further items of business
a) Referees for Centenary Shield Matches – the Welsh Schools FA asked SAFIB to look in to the possibility of appointing neutral referees for these matches. Discussion focussed on the cost of introducing this arrangement and the matter was remitted to the Executive Committee. Jim Boyce suggested that there may be the possibility of linking this with UEFA Referee Development activities and that this should be investigated.
b) Victory Shield/Centenary Shield Regulations – the meeting agreed that they continue for 2012-13, as per current statements and that revision take place during the forthcoming year. Dave Woollaston tabled a document on determination of eligibility for Centenary Shield matches and this was remitted to the Executive Committee for further consideration.

In closing the meeting at 17.35, Keith James thanked all present for their contributions.

Rod Houston
September 2013

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